Why Should You Be Interested In Mul-T-Lock High Security?

Patented Key Control

Mul-T-Lock’s key control systems are designed to halt unauthorized key duplication. They are also protected by international patents and strict factory key control regulations. These two components combined together make a very secure and trustworthy patented key control system. Duplication of Mul-T-Lock keys are only allowed with authorized service centers and Mul-T-Lock’s key cutting machines.

Pick, Drill & Bump Resistance

Mul-T-Lock products are designed to withstand numerous attempts at forced entry. The unique pin tumbler mechanism installed on Mul-T-Locks will confuse even the most experienced lock picker. They also have advanced protective elements, including mushroom and split plug pins, interlocking telescopic pins and strict key control procedures that eliminate the treat of bumping.

One Key, Endless Possibilities

Mul-T-Lock manufactures thousands of locking products so that you’ll have some peace of mind with a level of security you can’t find any where else. You’ll find the Mul-T-Lock system easy to use and manage, with the convenience fo a single key design for all products. You’ll be able to open everything from a padlock, to a file cabinet, to a deadbolt on a door, with one single key! You can rely on Mul-T-Lock’s system to give you the utmost level of security.

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