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Our Safe & Vault products come in six categories. You can review the categories and find the perfect safe for your need, Commercial or Residential. If you have a question about a certain type of safe, or need more information about pricing, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you!

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Designed for protection against robbery and internal theft, allowing quick deposits and secure storage without access inside the safe.

Exterior: 30" x 20" x 20"
Top Compartment: 8 1⁄4" x 19 3⁄4" x 17 1⁄8"
Bottom Compartment: 10 1⁄4" x 19 3⁄4" x 17 1⁄8"
Interior Cu.Ft.: 3.6
Weight: 191 lbs

MESA SAFE CO, MFL3020EE Depository Safe

MESA SAFE CO, MFL3020EE Depository Safe

With dual doors stacked 2 electronic

Price: $919.35 + tax
Shipping will vary depending on city.

Gary Safe Co. Class C Safe

Dimensions: 18W 20 D 25 H
Welded to a stand & can also be anchored to the wall
Price: $799

Safes & Vaults by Type

Burglary/Fire Safes

Fire Rated Burglary Safes are commonly used for storing important paper work, Money, Jewelry, Cash, any small items that you need access to, but need to keep safe and sound. A Fire Rated Burglary Safe is built to keep thieves and fire out! These safes are built strong enough to keep a fire from damaging the products inside for 1-2 hours. They are heavy duty and very heavy, so we recommend you bolt them down for extra protection. We pride ourselves in carrying one of the largest selections of Fire Rated Burglary Safes on the web, so when you're in need of a fire-resistant safe, don't hesitate to give us a call! Keep your valuables safe from high temperatures, or even an actual fire with this safe.

Drop Boxes

We have the most versatile line of drop boxes out there. You'll be able to find the right drop box for any application. A drop box is a great solution when you're looking to lock and secure cash, keys, mail, or any other confidential and important product or information. Our drop boxes make it easy to use, and easy to keep your items safe. If a drop box sounds like the best solution for your commercial or residential needs, we're here to install and secure your drop box to begin using right away. Don't forget, drop boxes are for indoor use only.

Wall Safes

A home or business burglary can be devastating. Not only may you loose some of your most important belongs, but you can feel vulnerable. An easy way to find peace of mind and prevent theft is to keep a wall safe in your home or office. A wall safe would then be a good investment when you will be storing some of your most valuable belongings in it. Wall safes are drilled into your wall, between studs. You can install a wall safe when you are building your home or office, or you can put it in later. Each of our wall safes are designed to provide you with reliable protection for any items that need a secure place to stay. Wall safes can even be hidden behind a picture or mirror for extra protection for your valuables.

Depository Safes

Depository Safes are commonly used for depositing money and paper work. Commonly used in restaurants, grocery stores and all type of retail applications this a good way to keep track of money or paper work collected. These safes are designed to protect against attempted break in or robbery, as well as internal theft. These safes allow a person to deposit cash or valuables without actual access to the inside of the safe, making it easy for users to insert the items, without taking any out.

Hotel/Personal Safes

Hotel Safes are commonly used for storing Important Paper work, Money, Jewelry, Cash, any items that you can have access to. A Hotel Safe is built to keep people out and are built to be very strong to assure the items inside are safe from theft or robbery. No matter where you are located, there is always the chance that someone could try to rob your valuables. This is when a hotel or personal safe serves it's purpose of keeping important documents and valuables safe and out of harm. Most people who travel rely on hotel safes to store their electronics, money and work related documents.

Biometric Safes

Biometric safes give you security at the ease of your fingertips. These types of safes are much smaller that your average safe, making it easier to store in small spaces and out of sight of anyone else besides the owner. When the owner is ready to access the contents inside of the biometric safe, entry is simple with the new finger print technology used to open the safe. You can register more than one fingerprint to give safe access to, which will open the safe once the fingerprint is scanned. This type of safe is highly reliable, seeing that no one person has the same fingerprint to access the safe. You don't have to remember a combination, access code, or find a key to open the safe. You have access to the safe at all times with a touch of your finger!